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More than an Art project began

The whole project began from 02/05/2014 .

27 January 2015


“Hong Kong in a Better Light” by Jackson Lee

I have known Jackson since he was my student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University over 33 years ago. He studied illustration and always have keen eye for composition. I was not surprised when, after graduating, he spent many years in the world of advertising as an Art Director then Creative Director. From there he went on to work as an image designer for celebrities, before eventually running his own successful fashion business here in Hong Kong.

Even after so many years, I found that his quest for perfection has never ceased and it has become a necessity for everyone in Hong Kong to see Jackson’s work.

In his spare time he would paint, and what began as a creative outlet eventually developed into a very unique and personal style. He told me how this idea of “Hong Kong in a Better Light” came about. He said, this idea has been in my head for quite sometime, Hong Kong is slowly disappearing; many old buildings have been demolished to make room for the modern skyscraper -- for the sake progress. This is happening everywhere; from the countryside to the outer islands as well.

In the 70’s, while still a student, Jackson was exposed to Realism. One of artists that caught his attention was Ken Danby; his focus was always on everyday life on the farm in Canada. His medium was egg tempera and Jackson was fascinated with him ever since. This form, from the subject matter to the technique, inspired Jackson’s paintings. The paintings are richer than a photograph, with an amplifying texture, depth and details that are pre High Definition technology. The result is an image that, like a photograph, captures a moment in time, but like a painting, captures emotions and details only the brush can create.

These are pictures of what used to be fishing villages and are now becoming a weekend getaway for city people. Two years ago, Jackson was spending a leisurely Sunday with the family at Tai O, (a fishing village partly located on an island of the same name, on the western side of Lantau island in Hong Kong). It is still quite peaceful and the locals still carry on their traditional crafts of making salted fish and shrimp paste.  A footbridge has been built where before the only way across the waterway was by boat.

Looking around the beautiful scenery of this proud village, Jackson was struck with the realization that soon this tranquil place would be lost to urbanization. And with it, a piece of him and all people of Hong Kong would be lost as well. This filled him with a sense of sadness, but also lit a creative spark within him.

If I can capture all these images, he thought, then this will live on forever for others to appreciate, enjoy, and defend!  Suddenly he was faced with something more than just an art project, but an important mission. That’s how this journey of “Hong Kong in a Better Light” all began. It is just as much about preserving a way of life as it is about creating beautiful imagery.

For a better Hong Kong tomorrow, let’s appreciate “Hong Kong in a Better Light!” today -- and be inspired!

David Chow

Adman, Film Producer, Lecturer and Chef (not in that order.)



我在33年前在香港理工大學任教時我已認識了Jackson這個學生。他當時在學習繪畫,他的眼睛對圖案組合充滿熱情。我完全不觉得奇怪他在畢業後在廣告世界花了很多時間擔任美術總監及後來當上創作總監. 再後來,他繼續發展到成為演藝明星Leon 的形象顧問,到后來在香港成功地開拓了他成功的時裝業務.

經過了那麼多年, 我覺得他對追求完美的渴求從未有停止過.這成為現代香港人必須看看Jackson作品的精神.

在他的閒暇時間,他會繪畫-由開始時是一個創作通路續漸發展成他獨特及個人的風格.他告訴我他的’香港在較好的影像下’的意念來源. 他說這個意念已在他腦海內盤旋了好久,香港好像在慢慢地消失.很多老建築物都因為要進步而要改建成現代的高樓大夏而拆掉. 這情況隨處可見-從郊外而至離島均不例外.

在80年代时當Jackson 還在求學階段,他接觸到現代主義, 其中一個抓住他注意力的藝術家是Ken Danby. 他的作品永遠集中留意著加拿大農場的日常生活.他的媒介是’egg tempera’, 從當時開始,Jackson 就迷上了他.這種形式, 由目標主題至技巧, 啟發了Jackson的繪畫. 他的繪畫比照片更豐富. 利用放大了的質感,深度與細節形成了高清的科技境界. 結果他做出來的是一個像相片般捕捉了一個頃刻的影像. 但它却是一幅包含了情绪及只有画笔才能创造的塑膠彩作品.

照片中原是魚村的地方现今成為了城市人的週末消閒的好去處. 年前與家人到大澳消閒,(大澳是一條地處於同名的小島的漁村. 位於香港大嶼山島的最西面). 大澳現是還是蠻平靜的.當地人還是沿用傳統工藝製作鹹魚及蝦醬. 以前只能以小艇連接大嶼山的大澳,現在已建了通往大澳的行人橋.

當Jackson在大澳島上遊覽這個驕傲的漁村時, 他強烈地感覺到這個恬靜的地方將來也會逃不過被城市化吞噬的現實. 在那時,他覺得他會跟一些香港人生命一樣會失去了一個部分. 將來的這情況給他灌注了悲哀的的感覺. 同時也燃點起了他的創作火花. 

他想如果我能把這些影像捕捉下來, 它們便可以永遠被保留,讓所有人可以感激,享受及保衛. 忽然間他就面對一個大於藝術的項目. 而是一項使命! 這是” 更光明的香港” 旅程的開始. 它會保存一個生活方式,也是有關於創造美麗的影像.

為一個明天更美好的香港, 我們今天來感激” 好香港”, 的啟發! 


廣告人, 電影製作人, 大學講師及廚師(次序不分先後)